In here you’ll find some of the stuff that interests me.  There are old cars, hopeless Russian motorcycle combinations and watches.  There’s plenty about WWII RAF airbases in the Cotswolds and their history.

There’s a little on Brooklands and why it’s still a magical place.

Because I believe there are better ways to make our roads safer, there’s stuff about why our obsession with speed limits isn’t helping, how conventional traffic calming just encourages conflict and how language reveals what councils really think about drivers.

There are even a couple of attempts at scribbling fiction, some old ideas on politics and a spot of travel writing.

But most of all there are people – the people I’ve met while swearing under those Russian bikes, the men (and women) who flew from those airfields and people who are equally daft about things with engines.

Hope you enjoy your stay.  Open a bottle of something good, pour yourself a glass and read on…


Ummm – don’t tell Health & Safety.

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  1. nice posts, enjoyed reading them very much. Especially RAF Kelmscott. I´m mad with those old flying machines (Old Warden- Shuttleworth). Will be at Duxford´s “flying legends” again- this year with my “gear up”! Hope I make it- with the side car at the “wrong side” ;-))
    Come from Germany. Maybe we can meet somewhere during my trip through the country.
    All the best


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