How easy to read was Oxfordshire County Council’s Central Oxford Transport Plan (COTP)?

Local authorities are increasingly consulting residents on implementing policy that significantly affects their lives. Oxfordshire County Council alone has 31 open traffic consultations at the time of writing. Even a single consultation takes effort to read, understand and reply to, so each needs to be easy to understand for residents. With 31 consultations in progress... Continue Reading →

Are lower blanket limits the answer for Witney?

Speed and speed limits are always controversial.  They get a massive emotional response.  Stand by the side of the road and almost everyone feels angry about ‘those bloody speeding drivers’.   Likewise, over the last few years 20mph limits have become an ideological rallying point for some groups - an article of faith, almost.  The problem... Continue Reading →

Dumb thinking or intelligent speed limiters?

Intelligent Speed Adaptation - not so intelligent and not so adaptable  Who’s the best person to control your throttle pedal?  You, the person behind the wheel, checking for hazards and moderating your speed according to constantly changing road conditions or your local councillor who’s worried about getting re-elected and under pressure to lower limits?  Rhetorical? ... Continue Reading →

When a sign tells you more than it’s designed to

In the 1950s, psychologist Eric Berne wrote a paper on Transactional Analysis (TA). In it he talked about how people function and express their personality through their behaviour. TA also works as a tool to analyse the way people - and organisations - communicate. In essence, people can communicate as a parent, an adult or... Continue Reading →

The Lazarus watch

THE LAZARUS WATCH—RESTORING A “FRANKEN-SEIKO” 6139 CHRONOGRAPH Some watches lead pampered lives. They are kept carefully in their boxes, worn only for special occasions when there is little threat of alcohol-induced, watch-threatening silliness before being lovingly polished and put away again. Then there is this Seiko 6139. If it were a puppy, you’d have called... Continue Reading →

The $18m watch they couldn’t give away

Give a watchnerd the keys to Marty McFly’s De Lorean and you’d have a whole different film. Instead of all that faffing about with the Johnny-B-Goode-meets-Eddie-van-Halen thing, they’d set the dials to 1963 and start beating down the door of their nearest Rolex dealer to stock up on Paul Newman Daytonas. Originally, the ref. 6239... Continue Reading →

One of the world’s classic watches. Yours for £8.

Chances are, as you read this, you’re no more than 3 metres away from a Casio F-91. It’s still the first watch for generations of children, the choice of half the British Army’s regiments (and practically standard issue for military training) and you’ll find them abandoned in office drawers, forgotten in bags, Blu-tacked to the... Continue Reading →

The future’s looking bleak for modern classics

There’s an old saying ‘take an interest in politics before it takes an interest in you’.  And, slowly but with the familiar, grinding, dead-handed certainty, politicians are taking an interest in classic cars. If you own a modern classic car built between 1979 and 2005, they’re very interested indeed in you. That's £12.50, mate. In... Continue Reading →

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