The best writing advice. Ever.

Sixty four years ago today, George Orwell died from tuberculosis in a London hospital.  Not only was he - in my opinion - the finest writer in English, in Politics and the English Language he left scribblers some of the finest advice. Here it is...   "A scrupulous writer, in every sentence that he writes, will... Continue Reading →

The curse of sounding professional.

A while ago, I was amazed to get a letter from my bank telling me I was in credit on my credit card.  I came across it in an old file today - and it's just as I remembered. It was from a real person - Paula Stevens from Card Operations.  But it didn't really sound like... Continue Reading →

Dialogue or broadcast? Where’s democracy going?

The way we communicate has always changed. We’ve discovered and harnessed new media time and again – all the way from cuneiform to computers. But the newest change is possibly the most powerful and is already starting to change the way we’re governed, sold to and employed. Actually, that’s not quite accurate – yet. What... Continue Reading →

Aristotle, the web and modern citizenship

In early August 2011, the UK’s citizens got involved in politics in a very practical way.  They looted, burned and rioted their way across London, Salford, Manchester and Birmingham. Commentators will debate the reasons – and the ethics -  for years to come, but its clear that these were people who are not usually politically active. ... Continue Reading →

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