Dumb thinking or intelligent speed limiters?

Intelligent Speed Adaptation - not so intelligent and not so adaptable  Who’s the best person to control your throttle pedal?  You, the person behind the wheel, checking for hazards and moderating your speed according to constantly changing road conditions or your local councillor who’s worried about getting re-elected and under pressure to lower limits?  Rhetorical? ... Continue Reading →

When a sign tells you more than it’s designed to

In the 1950s, psychologist Eric Berne wrote a paper on Transactional Analysis (TA). In it he talked about how people function and express their personality through their behaviour. TA also works as a tool to analyse the way people - and organisations - communicate. In essence, people can communicate as a parent, an adult or... Continue Reading →

Is a blanket village 20mph limit the answer for Bampton?

Speed and speed limits are always controversial. They get a massive emotional response. Stand by the side of the road and almost everyone feels angry about ‘those bloody speeding drivers’. Lower limits are a superficially attractive solution, but is a 20mph limit the way to get people driving slowly and safely in villages? Is there... Continue Reading →

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